Cuz You Gotta Have Heart: A Sneak Peek into my New Book

21 Dec

It has occurred to me that year-end is a great time to reflect and appreciate all that we are given. I’m happy to report work on Heart of a Toddler: The Zen in Them, 51 Lessons from a Toddler on Enjoying Life, has reached another cresting point. This is also a time to give, so I’m giving all of you a preview of what I have to share.

This year at home with my one-year-old has definitely taught me a lot of lessons. What makes Heart of a Toddler different, is that I’m not recording how this experience makes me a better parent, but of how toddlers teach me to be a better person.

The playfulness of being present with a toddler has really awakened a lot of enjoyment in my life. The act of recording those toddler behaviors that have inspired this enjoyment will hopefully give people like me who are wading into these waters blindly, a pair of scuba goggles, at the very least.

Here is a keyword list of the behaviors that help form the joy. Some of the words will seem random and out of place, but to learn more, you’ll have to wait for the book, coming out early next year. 

For now, here’s to us all enjoying Happy Holidays!  May you have wonder and enjoyment enter into your life everyday.

How to Enjoy Life: A Keyword List of the 51 Lessons Learned from a Toddler on Enjoying Life from my new book Heart of a Toddler:

words, screams, sounds, voices, labels, cry, help, embarrass, run, jump, kneel, dance, test, try, squeeze, stand, sit, protest, run, adventure, look, insist, wave, name, share, skin, hitting, feel, laugh, help, want, hang, emotions, upset, hugs, hungry, fruit, fun, examine, savor, light, books, TV, start, makeover, gifts, cleanup, listen, hole, bored,        don’t multitask

Does this sound like life with a toddler to you? Can you find the two words that are repeated twice? Why do you think that is?

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