Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

17 Mar

It’s Absolutely Incredible Kids Day March 17, 2011.

It only takes a moment to encourage a child, but it is an act that can inspire them for a lifetime. A stronger bond is created when we let others know how amazing and special we think they are.

 Write a letter and stick it in a kid’s lunchbox or slip it under their pillow. Your kids can’t read yet? Take a minute to tell them how much you love and appreciate them while presenting them with a smile and a hug.

 A plethora of ideas, examples and inspiration can be found here.   

For 15 years, every third Thursday in March, Camp Fire USA celebrates all the wonderful, incredible kids in the world with Absolutely Incredible Kids Day.

 Camp Fire USA has garnered the attention of a long list of celebrities and corporate partners to help spread their message of positive reinforcement to our youth.

 Besides, tomorrow March 18th is Forgive Your Parents Day and it’ll make you feel more worthy of your child’s forgiveness tomorrow if you recognize the beauty within them today.

 Here’s my letter to my terrific 2-year-old son Adam,

 Dear Amazing Adam,

You enrich my life daily. I like your gurgly giggles and your impish impetuousness. You are a true inspiration. I love you!

 Always, Mom

For more information about Absolutely Incredible Kids Day:

 http://www.campfireusa.org/aikd_index.aspx 15th Annual Absolutely Incredible Kids Day. Camp Fire USA

For more information about Forgive Your Parents Day:


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