Painting a Picture of Zen Peacefulness

21 Mar

Today I stopped and felt the sun on my face. My third eye opened wide, gulping in the sweet milk, soaking up the sunlight as it dribbled down and out all over my face.

My brain was enlivened by the sensational artwork of Alex Grey and reignited by the images he has created.

It has been a long winter. The clocks have been turned back but the snow still lays heavy and knee-deep. It is easy to see time as suspended, filled with the tension of the clock springs just before they tock.

It is also the precipice before the release of my highly anticipated new book Heart of a Toddler and the many more changes that spring will bring.

While I was familiar with Alex Grey’s pyscodelic work before today, seeing the collection of his paintings all together and in succession brought a new and ultimate clarity to them that I had not yet experienced. They are truly awesome in their perceptiveness.

Alex Grey’s pairing of the physical body with the emotional and spiritual one is definitely descriptive. His initimate portraits in Progress of the Soul of “Kissing”, “Painting” and “Healing” were particularly intuitive.

This Spring I once again marvel at the enormous energy that I am a part of and that I am able to create. I experience it every moment I craft together a bit of Zen peacefulness and when I see art like that of Alex Grey.


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