Just a little day

8 May

Wikipedia says its challenging to define what a mother is because of social and cultural differences around the world. There are birth moms, adopted moms, foster moms, step moms, etc.  Is there one word that can sum up everything that a MOM is, no matter what kind of mom she is?

If so, can that word also describe everything that she does? How do we find it? Is endless hours of online searching, article scouring, pleading questions or award-winning investigative work required?

No. The answer is right in front of us. We just have to do what moms everywhere do everyday. We have to reexamine the infinite value in the little things.

Start by taking a look at the word MOM. Just three little letters. How can the biggest, most demanding, most complicated job ever be described in this tiny little word?

First, listen to the sound of the letters. “Mmmmm” with a big, giant “O” in the center that kinda sounds like “ahh” when you say it. And then finish it up with another “Mmmmm” that can trail on forever.

Sound like anyone you know? Kinda fitting, wouldn’t you say? But it doesn’t end there. Next, do what Moms everywhere do everyday. Take a little thing and then flip it on its head. What is MOM? MOM is WOW.

It’s the thousand little things that make us “mom”. We all have our own style, we all have our own story.

The challenges we face are some of the biggest we will ever come to know within our lifetime and yet many of them are maneuvered silently within the depths of our own hearts only.

If the entire world were a tree, a mother would be the branch that nestles the budding flowers that are children.

No biggie. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day!

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