Armed with Information

22 May

Questions, questions everywhere.

Nothing can throw a mother more off balance then being wracked with questions. “What if..”, “Why..”, and “When should I…” questions can quickly make anyone throw up their hands and declare, “I just don’t know what to do!” There’s nothing Zen about the feeling of helplessness that this statement can create.

My toddler has just started stringing together a few words in order to ask questions and still, attempting to answer them has already become a challenge. When I have so many of my own questions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when his are loaded up on top.

4 months old and I'm already encouraging him to read

My best defense is preparation through information. Simply learning what is typical behavior for a youngster as they enter into each stage of life and reading up on the experts tips for handling the most challenging of this behavior has primed me to maintain a Zen-like predisposition.

A phrase that I’ve heard often is “We teach what we most need to learn ourselves”. This quote has been very helpful to me because it makes me realize that even the parenting experts need help too, and that the experiences that I’m going through are not unique or out of the ordinary. Knowing that we are sharing common experiences helps to shed some of the feelings of isolation that could otherwise wreck my Zen.

Check out my Recommended Links or Zen Parenting recommended reading lists, among others you will find continually updated on this blog. I know that being a parent, you are probably like me and don’t have much time to read, but I’ve found that taking that time out pays off so much in the long run and rewards me a thousand times over with better behavior from my son and a peace of mind in his mother that only arming myself with information can bring.

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