Two Sides of the Same Sink

31 May







This is my sink.







This is the pile of dishes that just came out of my sink







This is the other side of the same sink.

Like many things about parenthood, the dishes can easily become overwhelming. As soon as a huge pile is done and washed, there are more filling up the other side of the sink waiting to get done as well. All the while, there are a million other things to do and my 2-year-old is running around like a crazy man.

Many of you can relate, I’m sure. If you are blessed with a dishwasher, maybe the bane to your existence is the laundry, or the floors, the piles of toys always underfoot or the crumbs that always seem to find their way in between your freshly made bed sheets.

It is relentless and it leaves you wanting to shout, “Enough already!”

Sometimes it leaves me doing so much deep breathing to calm my nerves that I could fill up a hot air balloon, add it up over the year and you’d have enough for a whole balloon festival.

So, in addition to that, when I am feeling defeated by the endless parade of household chores that are forever bidding for my attention, I also focus on what is done, and not…what is not.

When I feel that dreaded tug of the dishes in the full side of the sink, I turn my eyes toward the side that is empty. Clean silverware, plates and cups are a shining tower of accomplishment. Sometimes, when reviewing my work, if it does not seem significant enough, I shout, “Whoo-hoo!” out loud and that seems to make that pile of dishes yet to do sulk further away into its small side of the sink.

So, basically to stay Zen in the face of all the everyday chores that coincide with parenthood, I guess I’m saying; View the sink as half empty, instead of half full.




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