Praise To Toys

23 Aug

Thank you toys. You turning toys turn laundromats into spectacular sports arenas. You puzzles put a polite type of perfection right at our fingertips. You monster masks make moments into mini movies where we are the star performers.

It is so much easier to keep a clear head when a child is not running around getting himself in trouble just because he is too bored to think of anything else to do. Toys distract from depression, they enliven us out of boredom and inspire us from the depths of laziness.

My trunk is full of them at all times. I never have to worry about remembering them and each time I bring them out, it’s like they are  new again. These favorite friends are rotated once in a while, but the joy they bring can never be forgotten. I appreciate and love them as much (or maybe more) than my two-year-old does. No matter what I have to do, there may be a pause that could end up breaking down into a devastation to any attempts that I have for a peaceful mind if I don’t have toys for my two-year old to play with.

Retreats to restaurants easily become rowdy raucous houses without toys. The sugar packets, ketchup bottles and any nearby patron’s drinks fall equal victim to inquiring minds and grubby little fingers.

Kids languish at laundromats. Without toys, these empty rooms are like a barren desert of torture for a young mind. Even a construction site, so full of a potential for adventures and learning melt into mere and exhausting dirt pits without a shovel, truck or laser gun to shoot at the trees with.

No matter where I’m traveling, or what I’m doing, it’s always better with a few toys!



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