Kernels, Grasshopper, Kernels

7 Sep

Labor Day has officially ushered in the beginning of the fall season and I am once again feeling like the grasshopper who has played the summer days away.


I have a long list of things I want to do: projects around the house that still haven’t gotten done, a new book coming out next month (yes, this is the first time I’m mentioning it to the public at large, more to follow) and all that goes into the promotion and selling of (now) two books. Add to that my desire to become my toddler’s at-home-full-time preschool teacher and all the studying that goes along with planning english, science, math and art lessons that will stimulate a young mind and the pressure I was putting on myself to get it all done, and done NOW was enormous.

Yesterday, (when I started this blog post), I felt completely overwhelmed, but today all those activities are straining through into fruition. Somehow, it doesn’t all seem so unapproachable after all.

That fable about the ant and the grasshopper always comes to me during harvest time as I examine the year’s harvest of accomplishments and ask myself, “Have I done enough?” The ant starts right away, with one kernel at a time. Looking at that one kernel, it can’t ever seem like enough.

But each kernel adds to all the others and bit by bit, spec by spec, the ant ensures his survival. The grains are small, but their importance is huge.



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