Over There, Over Here.

14 Sep

“No Mom, stay there.”

Adam’s new phrase of the week. He wants to do so many things by himself now and doesn’t want me to hover, ready to swoop in to help. So now, when I need to swoop, I have a longer distance to travel.

Stepping over myself to stay out of his way, I stretch and we both grow. Recognizing and honoring requests by even the youngest children is a fundamental way that I build confidence in our relationship together. Kids are forever doing what those in authority are telling them to do; albeit parents, teachers or others. If they linger and procrastinate, or outright refuse to do what they are asked to do, it is likely that they will be punished.

I like to turn the tables and do what my child asks of me once in a while too. I am by no means running myself around ragged obliging his every whim and desire. What I do however, is weigh his requests and grant them if they seem reasonable and worthwhile.

So yes, when my 2 1/2-year-old said, “No, Mom, you stay here”, I said, “Ok, honey” and I rested with my bruised ego right where he left me. There, I happened to find an Adirondack chair to lean back into beneath the bright autumn sun.  

As I tried not to wonder what he was doing over there, I stayed over here and just a few moments later he walked by proudly, with his chest in the air. Acknowledging that it was time to move, I was reluctant to give up the warm spot that I had found, but did so willingly knowing that we were both carrying a bit of that sunshine with us because he went over there and I stayed over here.


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