How Do I Drink Zen?

5 Oct

This week I both introduced Adam to caffeinated soda and then proceeded to take it away.

Sometimes just deciding what to drink can completely frazzle me. Does this soda have too much sugar? Is this beer going to make me bloated? If I drink water should it be filtered? unfiltered? bottled? with minerals added for flavor? is it advertised as being from a “mountain spring” but is actually from a city water supply? is that so bad? Will the bottle pollute the environment? Should I just boycott buying beverages entirely? What about those poor folks in Africa that have their water spigots chained by these same soda and water companies unless they pay for access and if they can’t pay they have to haul water from muddy, disease-ridden puddles miles away on their heads?!?

It really can be hard to enjoy a drink nowadays. Now add-on top of that the burden of responsibility to make sure you are modeling responsible behavior to your children and it can be simply overwhelming.

I gave up all caffeine while I was pregnant, which is a main ingredient in my favorite drinks: coffee, tea, and soda. Real coffee came back first. I said that decaffeinated stuff was fine while I was pregnant but it is really hard to find it in a good hazelnut and a warm, creamy cup of hazelnut really tastes divine to me.

Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda. That and Classic Coke. Man, that stuff is good! Adam has been indulging once in a while in seltzers and gingerales for about 6 months now. (I never thought I’d be letting him drink soda at 2 1/2 years old, but he really does enjoy it so I say “yes” every now and then.)

My real mistake came with that red and white can. My two-year-old cannot handle his caffeine! Maybe if he had been fed it intravenously through the fetal juices right from the onset….

Caffeine literally makes him bounce off the walls. It’s like he’s got a rocket attached to him that forces him to just throw his body around in the craziest of ways. It took me a couple of days to figure out that it was the soda. At first I thought he was just testing me.

He’s now back on the gingerale. As for me, I just drink whatever will leave me with the smallest amount of American guilt.


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