Stuck on You

8 Nov

I started my day with stickers all up my leg. Every single sticker on the sheet found its way onto my body, thanks to my fabulous peeler, Adam. As I peeled them off, one by one, my arm hair stuck onto the back of Mickey’s head and Daisy Duck smiled back at me.

These cartoon characters are ever charming, their joyful faces stuck in our minds eternally. These characters are so familiar because they remind us of people in our own lives. Who doesn’t know a funny Goofy guy or a grumpy Donald Duck?

A study found that the most recognizable face for young children is Ronald McDonald. These characters are our children’s role models. Appearing in their lives so many times that they can’t help but have an impact.

There are people in each of our lives that keep reappearing like these cartoon characters, aren’t there? While the stickers may lose their stickiness, the characters and their messages are intact in the minds of our little ones. As my projects for children build up, waiting for a computer and their future publication, a new idea is ruminating, marinating.

To turn the people who have had an impact on my own life into their own cartoon characters. Approachable and recognizable, cartoon characters may bring to life a new reality for both me and my child. If you’re reading this, you might just become immortalized in the future as one of the main characters in these stories.

If you’ve stuck in my mind, you might just become a sticker in the small hands of a child one day. Thank you.



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