Shunning Sadness During Sickness

22 Nov

Whatever virus killed my computer has been working its way through my household too. My little guy got sick.  Massive, head to toe messes filling his diaper and beyond 12 times a day. Yep. That much.

I was sick too so it was hard to take care of him and myself. There is no cure except to wait it out. Waiting is of no solace when exhaustion, dehydration, worry and sadness over the situation rear their ugly heads.

That’s when additional medicine helps.

Additional medicine is regaining a healthy mind so that our body can get back on track to a healthy body. The mother is the tree and the child the branch off of it. Whatever you do to the tree, you do to the branch and visa versa.

By the third day, thankfulness of the blessings I have in my life allowing me to handle this challenge were full and calming. I had money enough to buy the hydration fluids, clean water, chicken noodle soup and saltines. My husband stayed home from work to help out. My little guy still had bursts of energy in between the long stretches of sleep.

I was thankful for his usual boisterous nature, one that I can quickly tire of if I’m not in the right mind mood, and I even began to miss it.

I was lucky enough to meet some “alternative” or additional health practitioners that promoted the simple technique of touching his belly and back with the intention of healing. I felt my powerless drifting away into empowerment. I took a chore that I usually approach begrudgingly: CLEANING and felt the blessing and thankfulness of being able to clean house to clean up our health.

Now, I’m happy to report that we are on the mend. Energy has been restored to nearly full power. It’s true, every challenge leads to thankfulness, eventually.

Happy Thanksgiving All. Enjoy.

Now, I’m happy to report that he is starting to feel better.



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