Being Present with a Present Everyday

30 Nov

An advent calender can have more meaning than I ever realized.

This year, even an advent calendar was out of my reach. This item seemed to have lost favor in my consciousness while store shopping so fortune led me to make this timeless addition to the holiday tradition this year.

Advent calendar’s brilliance was fully appreciated this year as I searched for one. This year, the search became all the more poignant because it has been the first year that Adam has been able to gaze out the window and say dreamily, ” Santa’s coming.”

When the neighborhood Christmas decorations go up, ” Santa’s coming.”

With the countdown to the countdown to Christmas cartoons on TV, “Santa’s coming.”

I never thought about how I would explain Santa Claus before. “He’s the spirit of giving.” I found myself explaining this year when Santa first started appearing halfway toward Thanksgiving. “Because it feels so good to give.”

I was given the idea for the advent calendar from Disney’s Family Fun magazine. Yes, I know there’s no escaping Disney. This magazine was given to me by a great gift giver (thank you Amy ;). So I used this gift given to me to make the first gift of the season. The gift of the countdown.

Anticipation of the big day is as much a part of the journey, the fun, as Christmas day itself. With Christmas Eve, New Years and Adam’s birthday all in the same week, it’s like a week-long party anyway, really, more than just a celebration on the one day. And an advent calendar makes it a celebration for the entire month.

So, the advent calendar itself was made from all the socks Adam grew out of this year. I’d had a pile of them growing in the back of his drawer. They are the ones who lost their mates to the dryer monster, or the ones foolishly made in white. White socks are a mystery to me, how anyone keeps them that way? An understanding that is beyond my comprehension.

I gathered up 24 of these and Adam squeezed some food coloring into plastic tubs and the finger dying commenced. We got some socks dyed in there too. Awesome tye-dyes. We pasted the 24 snowmen I’d cut out onto 24 clothespins. Each decorated with a number and a face drawn by Adam’s creative hand.

Strung up onto pom-pom ball garland, these little feet bring us a day and a step closer to Christmas. Each sock, like each day, bringing its own surprise treat inside. The advent calendar just helps remind us just what a great thing that really is.


2 Responses to “Being Present with a Present Everyday”

  1. Amy December 1, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    Really nice Meggo. Well done….love the idea and the creative calendar!

  2. Tom the Parenting Guy December 10, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    Parenting can be the toughest job you\\\’ll ever have. Kids present new challenges continuously because they keep growing and changing, and the issues grow and change with them.

    As parents our most important job is to make sure our kids feel loved and valuable for who they are (not what they do). It\\\’s my biggest struggle, and my biggest joy all at once!

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