Ultimate Luxery: The Christmas Purge

28 Dec

It’s a big job every year but there’s no better advantage that I can think of to living in a tiny space with no closets: when one thing comes in, something else must go out or there simply won’t be enough room for it all.

Throughout the year, I tend to participate in a precarious balancing act. I rearrange and ignore the piles of things I want to hold on to but don’t necessarily use. Christmas puts an end to that because there is such an influx of new items that luckily, the urge to clean and make room for them all comes along with them.

Along with the purge comes a change in priorities to those that are more true to my emerging priorities at the time. Some years lots of items go out, some years, just a few. These items: clothing that doesn’t fit right or that is just jinxed to not make me feel very great when I’m wearing it, children’s toys that contribute more to a feeling of blah than of awesomeness, or kitchen appliances that should’ve been retired long ago, all contribute to a lower quality of life. We cannot be who we used to be, and using outdated items can jam us back there on a daily basis.

When you get rid of everything, you find out what you really miss and what you don’t. I’ve made room for the stuff I truly value year after year. I can always find room for photo albums and art supplies, for instance.

My goal has been the same since my first cathartic purge years ago: use as little as possible, purge instead of accumulate. Not only is there a freeing of the spirit so that it may stay present, there’s a lot less to dust that way too.




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