The Future as a Suture

1 Mar

Hope and abundance

Puke and poop have been sparring partners with focusing on positivity in the present moment this week.

My little guy is sick with a stomach virus once again. We are all so sad about it and so ready to get back to good health.

The smells are excruciating and the messes, legendary. Pair up the reality of a sick child with the truth about stretch marks, and teen pregnancy rates would drop dramatically.


The responsibilities during these trying times are tough to take, to say the least.

This is when focusing on the future does help. A hopeful look toward the future is just what the doctor ordered when suffering through a tough time in the present.

I envision a future where a sick child transforms into a healed child.

I envision a future where art and literature programs in schools come off the chopping block and into the spotlight as designers and storytellers are considered crucial instead of as a footnote. (Oprah’s interview with author Daniel Pink laid out how this could soon become a reality.)

I envision a future where a global communication makes corporate greed, political wrong-doing and misinformation incomprehensible. (Peter Diamandis’ TED talk spells out why we should appreciate the abundant reality of our present time and his hopeful vision for the future.)

Most of all, I hope for a shift from our lackadaisical, impulse-control deprived, turn-our-heads away society into, instead, the reluctant hero of our own story.

I want to be part of the heroic movement of people who, when faced with a challenging roadblock; face it, push it away, and re-emerge at the end transformed and smiling.

And I want you with me. Let’s be a community that is strong, because we are all children needing to be raised. We all need a future we can look forward to.


One Response to “The Future as a Suture”

  1. Amy March 1, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    Best writing yet Meggo! Loved it! Inspiring and poetic! Thanks for sharing your gift in writing!

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