Secrets of the Pampered

7 Mar

Ahhh, the smooth skin of a fresh face.

Watch children painting their hands. They are excited, feel mischevious, are thoughtful and creative. Let that paint dry on there in its cracked and peeling form however, and watch as panic creeps in to the mind of the dirty one. “What’s this doing on my hand?” They wonder. “Is it ever going to come off?”

Lots of things in life are like that. Ugly actions, experiences and memories come in the form of aging ugly. Gray hairs slip in, long black hairs pop out in strange places, and the clay starts to warp, sliding off its mold.


Like with any great piece of art, the body cannot be made more desirable by pasting on as much stuff as you can find. It just looks heavy and cluttered.

“The ideal of beauty is simplicity and tranquility.”                                                   -Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

I am inspired by a lucky library book sale find: Secrets of the Spas by Catherine Bardey to “Pamper & Vitalize Yourself at Home”.

After my child’s recent sickness, I could feel the dry weather etching in all the nose-wrinkling and forehead furrowing that I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.

Discouraged by all the harsh ingredients in all the lotions, revitalizers, toners, wrinkle-creams and the such at the stores I visited and the mound of these such things that I’ve already accumulated and don’t use, but can’t throw away, a natural spa treatment was just what I was looking for.

The cleanser recipe is simple:

Cleansing Oatmeal & Honey Paste

1/2 cup oatmeal

2 tbsp honey

1/4 cup plain yogurt or buttermilk

Grind up the oatmeal in a fun red blender that your toddler loves because of the loud, fast spinning blades at the bottom and that you let him press the button on while you hold the top.

Pour grinds back into measuring cup, stir in yogurt and top with honey. Want to eat it? Go ahead, or just smile to yourself knowing that you can. Walk excitedly to bathroom while toddler runs after you joyfully.

Explain that the lotion that comes in bottles can be made at home too, but at home it’s better because it doesn’t have any gasoline in it. Give a big glob to those little outstretched hands and tell him not to get it in his eyes or hair.

Smear all over your own face, front and back of neck.

Clean up all the glop that toddler has mushed around while smiling at the few spots he dabbed onto the apples of his cheeks and tip of his chin.

See that half of the mixture is still left and fetch the dogs who have been itching it up from dry skin too. Get down to the skin layer if possible then wash out quickly because you remember that honey is sticky stuff to get out of long hair.

Feel globs of the glop roll down your back and make mental note not to smear globs on back of neck next time.

Since it has taken about 15 minutes or so to wash the two dogs, it’s time to take all the glop off.

Be pleasantly surprised at how well the treatment works.

Make time for another recipe from the Secret of the Spas book:

Melon Bliss

1/2 cantaloupe

1/2 cup juice (they say apricot, I chose oj)


Blend together and watch pleasantly as toddler who won’t eat one bite of a cantaloupe gulps down all of his glass of this bliss and slides over to drink some of yours.

Drink up the rest.


 Feel joyful, rested, rejuvenated, clean and lucky.


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