Beach Bunnies Unite

24 Mar

“You’ve gotten some sun,” they say to me with a smile.

“I’ve been to the beach everyday this week,” I beam back.

“Enjoy it while you can, it’ll they’re calling for snow next week,” they warn in an ominous tone.

“I enjoy each day as it comes,” I respond matter-of-factly and am met with silence.


Negativity fuels conversation. Without it, people rarely know what to talk about.

When something is good, it speaks for itself and there really isn’t much more to say. Could that be why no one else is at the beach?

We’ve been enjoying a beautifully warm and sunny spring here. Following a winter that was less about building snow forts then building sand castles, spring was ushered in with record high temperatures. Our summer days at the beach became spring days at the beach. Now that the water has unthawed, those sand castles have become volcanos. Running barefoot and screeching into the still frigid water, we dip in our cups and carry our water prize up to the waiting mountain on the beach, delighting in the trickle that explodes over the top and down into a river of its own making.

A fellow adventurer is a rare sight. More common is the disgruntled homeowner, scraping clean their front yard, doing the work they can commiserate with their friends about later.

But the leaves still clogging the beach do not bother us. We push them aside enough to make a path for our excursions and get right down to the fun. The seeds are left unplanted in their packets so that we might grow a great grinning day instead. Their time will come and it will be just when it should be, but this special week was all about enjoying a once-in-a-long-time summertime spring.

A huge white bunny rabbit with black spots has been gracing us with its unusual presence as well this week. An early easter bunny perhaps. Or maybe, just maybe a bunny that is visiting those of a like mind, for we are some of the only beach bunnies in town.


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