Cooperation Parenting

26 Apr

Hidden connections are like a signal that we’re on the right path. “You look familiar, I think I know you”, are some of the most awesome words to incorporate into a conversation.

It’s like you’ve converged on this path before, cooperated in some way to get to where you currently are, together.

Creating connections with those that we live with seem like a given but are often the most overlooked. How long has it been since you looked at your child and thought, “hey, you look familiar, didn’t we cooperate on that project well together this morning?”

Fox’s television program Touch is about a father trying to connect with his son. His son does not speak and instead sees the world through a pattern of numbers which the father must then figure out. He knows he’s on the right path when he pays attention to the people and things that keep reappearing in his life.

At the end of a recent episode, the narrator is discussing how the human isn’t the fastest or the strongest species on earth but we have survived and thrived because of our ability to cooperate and to help each other out.

“…We’re programmed for compassion, for heroism, for love and those things make us stronger, faster and smarter. It’s why we’ve survived. It’s why we even want to.”

I’ve had the opportunity to teach Adam more about the joy of cooperation this week. We worked together, he operated the net and me the stick, when we fished rocks and other interesting tidbits out of the lake water.

When he didn’t want to clean up some milk that he had spilled, “later, mom, later” he said.

“How about we do it now, together,” I responded.

“YEAH!!!” He shouted and ran to help.

Successful parenting isn’t a dictatorship, it’s cooperation for the sake of developing memorable connections.


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