Batteries Required but Not Included

6 Jun

Energy…we make it and we spend it. It is completely under our control.

“I wish I had his kind of energy” elderly onlookers comment as they watch my 3-year-old run around shouting and skipping.

 “If we all had his kind of energy the world would be a completely different place,” I respond.

It would be a world filled with people experiencing excitement and awe on a daily basis. What a wonderful world that would be…

While life can extinguish some of our childlike wonder it doesn’t have to, and even if it does, it can be re-discovered with constant brain training.

Training? That sounds like work.

I’ve been doing the battery limbo at my house for quite some time. When I need batteries in one toy, I steal them from some other toy. Later, when we want to play with that other toy, we have to shuffle the batteries around again. On my list of things to do is to take all of my childs toys that require batteries, gather them up in one place and buy the right size and number of batteries for them all.

That would be me reaching battery nirvana. It’s a ways off.

This little story about energy in battery form is a perfect example of building up positive energy within ourselves so that we can experience the world with the awe and innocence of a child. The intention is there, but for now, we can only expect some of our toys to have power in them. Finding out which ones they are can be a pleasant and unexpected surprise or a bit of a disappointment.

Instant Energy

The one most important step to building up this positive energy in your own brain? It’s to focus on what IS and not what ISN’T.

For example: we were planning on seeing the launch of some hot air balloons followed by a fireworks show this weekend. The balloon launch was cancelled due to rain. We waited around and then went out to where the fireworks were scheduled to be.

Getting a bit soggy and our energy dissipating by the moment, we looked around, wondering if we should leave. Just then, the announcer, over 500 feet away and positioned behind a crowd of umbrellaed onlookers announced, “Don’t leave, the fireworks are still on!”

And we were rewarded with big explosions of energy, something everyone can enjoy.




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