Kinda Cool Daisy Blue

28 Jun

A quick activity perfect for this time of year; dying roadside daisies couldn’t be easier.

I really like picking a few flowers outside in the summertime. Sometimes the picking is the most engaging part of the process, other times it’s bringing those blooms indoors and seeing their joyful and fragile smiles daily as I pass by.

Just Once? Why?

Having already picked a few daisies  this year when they first started popping up, I was surprised to see they were still standing strong in bursts of white and yellow along the roadside.

That’s when I found this simple idea of doing a little at home science project.

Getting Daisied Up

The day I actually picked our second set of daisies it was rainy and dirt had splashed up on them, but I didn’t mind.  They were all bent up by the time I got them home, so I wasn’t sure whether the experiment would still work, but we gave it a shot.

With a sentence or two about how flowers suck up the water up through their stems, I plunked the buds in an inch of water mixed with a couple of drops of blue food coloring.

Allowing other things to take my attention and time, just an hour or a few later, the tips of the petals were seeped with color.

Overnight, the flowers kept drinking and by the next morning they had absorbed the bright blue coloring to catch my child’s attention.

“Huh?” he asked with his head cocked to the side, walking towards the flowers as if he was drawn to the oddity like a magnet.

“Isn’t it cool how the flowers sucked up the water?” I asked, pleased by his voluntary interest.

“Kinda” he responded.

“Did you know they did that?” I probed.

“Yep” he said, nonchalantly.

I ran my fingers along the tips of the blue petals and walked over to him, whispering with a shrug, “I didn’t know that when a flower drinks water it collects at the tips first.”

My casual demeanor mirrored his and he gave the flowers a second look, noticing them differently, and learning.



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