Product Professor

What’s IN What We Buy?

Knowledge is power they say, but it is also balance.

Want to unsettle someone? Present a radical new idea.

They may fight you, they may jump on board, or they may ease in slowly. Whatever the outcome, experiencing the new is often awarded a moment of pause, no matter how busy we are.

One way to train the brain is to cultivate an immunity to everything that is happening around us, another way is to absorb it.

Product Professor is a chronicle of the current news about all the stuff of life.

It is the story of the laborers that make all that stuff and the ingredients that go into it. Product Professor examines the way it is sold to us and what it means when we buy it.

I once had a professor explain how war is “sold” to the masses. For the Vietnam War, that meant GI Joe.


What have you been sold lately?


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