Recommended Links

Useful Books

Author created book lists of titles that inform and inspire.

Product Professor

Author’s exploration into what we buy and what is in it.

Mindful Parenting Websites

Positive Parenting

Deborah Godfrey offers advice, books, coaching and lots of other valuable child-centered parenting help. I really like her list of articles. The tips are clear and quick, offering up a real addition to anyone’s archive of how-to wisdom.

Awake Parenting Perspectives

A weekly newsletter from Shelly Phillips, founder of The Conscious Parenting Alliance. Includes informative articles from a list of 26 different catagories including: appreciation, making conscious choices, play and setting kids up for success, among others.

Mojo Mom

Dr. Amy Tiemann gives us a gentle look at recognizing our own “Momma mojo” and re-identifying with who we are now that we are mothers. I found her collection of quotes particularly satisfying.

 Helen Steiner Rice’s 1o Commandments

Childhood Awareness Commandments, commemorating the fight againt childhood cancer, this simple and straightforward list contains 10 key techniques that we could all use a little more in our lives so that we have the most rewarding experience possible with children any and every time.

Elephant Journal

All the daily news on living a balanced life. Covers food, spiritual alignment, yoga and more.

1000 Awesome Things

This fun blog helps you to reconnect with the awesome little things in everyday life.


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