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How to Answer the Tough Questions

14 Sep

“Where do babies come from?”

A big question for a little guy. How have you answered this one? What about all the others that are just as tough? Did you panic? Laugh it off? Did it get all deep and philosophical?

Before we can answer our little ones questions, we have to have our own answers to those questions. What is your answer? What about the other people  they are around? How do they answer these questions?

Kids are never to young to start wondering about questions that some of us spend our lifetimes asking ourselves.

There’s no cheat sheet when it comes to answering these tough questions. Here’s a list of some of the tough questions my preschooler has asked me and some of the answers that I came up with. Use it for inspiration, irritation or just aspiration to giving quality answers to the children in your life.

“Where do babies come from?”

  • “From momma’s belly.”

“How do they get in there?”

  • “From loving.”

“How did we get here?”

  • “We are all bits of stars from the sky. Everything that’s alive has electricity in it. We are all important and all deserve the chance to live.”

“What happens when we die?”

  • “I don’t know. No one does.”

“How can Santa see me?”

  • “He can see everyone, all the time.”

“What do plants eat?”

  • “Dirt and sunshine. They drink water. We all need these things to live.”

“Do rocks poop?”

  • “Rocks aren’t alive. Everything that is alive poops.”

“Why is that kid mean to me?”

  • “Maybe they are sad, or mad, or maybe they just don’t feel good. Why do you think? What do you think you could do to make them feel better?”


  • No matter what they are asking about, kids want an answer. Try to be truthful and simple with answers, using terms they will know and understand.

Answering the barrage of questions from kids can be exhausting, but the answers we come up with define our children’s views and attitudes towards life. The questions come when I’ve least expected it, and in many different ways. When I’m mindful however, they lead to answers that sparkle and satisfy.