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The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents

25 Jul

The Law of the Least Effort.

We’re coming up on Wednesday as I write this (& you’re likely reading it) and getting around again to what I find to be the easiest and most natural of the Spiritual Laws that Deepak Chopra talks about in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents.

The Least Effort? Wait. I like to do what takes the least effort…but isn’t that called just being….lazy?

Chopra’s writings and speeches sometimes turn out like a lot of other self-help gurus: muddled and preachy. At times I’ve thought cynical thoughts about the series of “spiritual experts” that Oprah has referenced over and over again….and then a funny thing starts to happen; I start to agree with her.

Suddenly Deepak Chopra goes from “choke-ya” to “Oh! That’s why you two practically have the exact same name: Oprah and Chopra, that’s pretty close you’ve got to admit. (Oh, Chopra is Deep! I get it 😉

Both of these “Oprah-esque” public figures have what is essentially a very simple and pure message: Do What Feels Right.

Do what feels right. It seems easy but often isn’t when the situation gets complicated.Doubts and questions come. Do what feels right?

How do I know what that is?

This is where spiritual awareness comes in. It’s about constantly being aware of yourself and your surroundings. It’s a big idea and a life philosophy and Deepak Chopra pares it down to simple language so that it is an approachable topic to talk about with preschoolers and very small children so that they can start to view the world through the lens of a spiritual being.

Whoooeee! Just explaining the explanation can be exhausting!

So, Chopra’s easy version:

FIRST LAW: Everything is possible.

SECOND LAW: If you want something, GIVE it.

THIRD LAW: When you make a choice, you change the future.

FOURTH LAW: Don’t say no-go with the flow.

FIFTH LAW: Every time you wish or want, you plant a seed.

SIXTH LAW: Enjoy the journey.

SEVENTH LAW: You are here for a reason.

Chopra spells out practical ways to discuss these seven laws with your children in Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents, including focusing on one law per day and taking notice of it on that day.

So back to Wednesday.

This Wednesday I am going to take Deepak Chopra’s suggestion and pay attention to my ATTITUDE toward things like work and toward the happenings of my life.

I am going to teach myself and my child the divine way to approach life: by finding the game, the magic, the miracle in the task. I am going to try to remove the pressures that obstruct play including: warnings, threats, judgements, time pressures, guilt, expectations, rewards and falsehoods.

And if I don’t do it all, I’m going to forgive myself and remember that tomorrow is a new day.