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Craft so good, do it twice!

1 Aug

You know a craft project is good when A) a preschooler uses the lesson learned from it in everyday activities; and B) when he wants to do it again the next day.

That’s what this craft was for us this week.

We spend a lot of time at the beach and normally putting sunscreen on my child consists of corralling him long enough from the pleasures of sand and cooling water to smear the stuff on while gripping onto his arm so he doesn’t run away.  Which is why this craft project appealed to me.

Basically, you take some dark-colored paper and paint on it with sunscreen. You can add on interesting shapes and then place it in the sun for the day. By dinnertime, the paper has been bleached by the sun everywhere except for where the shapes or the sunscreen has been.

You compare the paper to your skin and boom! lesson learned.

How do I know?

Because after we did this little sunscreen craft project we went to the beach. My boy voluntarily stopped playing, ran up to me and asked for sunscreen!

Amazing. It was a request that sounded as sweet as music to my mom-ified ears.

Then when he woke up this morning he wanted to do it again.

As the summer paces along, the sunburns don’t have to. Try this and other crafts from I Can Teach My Child, a site that has given me some great ideas.